new EP Elements out now

LUZID is a Band formed during spring 2014 in Austria. The quintet has grown out of the lively jazz scene around Linz and Vienna.
The band’s music is influenced by contemporary jazz and its improvisational elements, minimal pop music, noise rock, as well as electronic music. The rhythmic ideas are mostly influenced by traditional bulgarian and indian music but also influences from modern electronic music are taking place.
In 2015 the band released its first album “It’s all about breaking the wall!” and in 2016 there second EP "Elements". Both records are released on the Viennese label FREIFELD TONTRAEGER and available on the label page LUZID – FREIFELD TONTRAEGER.

Video to the title song "It's all about breaking the wall!" by Optimal Productions:


Anna Anderluh – vocals
Alexander Kranabetter – trumpet
Simon Raab – Piano/Synthesizer
Philipp Kienberger – Bass/Composition
Hubert Bründlmayer – Drums

" Through the chaotic lines of hypothalamus we try to find our way out, keep on running, keep on dreaming till the day we will all call it Hippie-Jazz. It’s like a religion, with a devil and a god and with a lot of unnecessary words but with a few very good ones. And hopefully: love! silence! "

What about the Chaos? Chaos was the headline of the bands past musical program: We are living in a very fast world and it’s easy to get lost in these millions of impressions around oneself. The moment before you start to compose, to create something or to fix an idea, you have to decide your own honest way out of these overwhelming things surrounding you. You have to illuminate the path you would like to follow. And after you reach the goal, again: it’s chaos! And again you stand in front of all those influences in your head and you start to arrange them, bringing them into your own new unique order and try to establish your own new chaos.