new EP Elements out now

Our new Video to our Song Action Messie:

I tried to make a piece of art out of our live performance with Luzid Chaos. Since two years I had this idear of filming us playing a song live with some masked people behind us. Finaly this year 2018 in March I realised this idear. The music was recorded at the same time with the video. So hopefully everything has a good energy. Enjoy!

- Philipp Kienberger

Music by Luzid Chaos
Video, Concept and mixed by Philipp Kienberger
Camery by Michael Fellner / Optimal Productions
Recorded by Paul Jacob Scheliga
Masks by Christopher Sturmer / Atzgerei
Smartphone-Faces by Simon Raab

" Should I take The bus or the train,
Should I wait or should i pay,
I'm an action messie my lungs are under The pieces of a broken house.
Carried by the wind to this place,
Which is a ghosttown an airport without planes.
My life is a puzzle and I aint missing a piece,
But the whole capacity is lying around in the corners of my room.

So I picture me hanging down from a tree
Like the laziest living creature

Under the carpet Behind the wardrobe
Under my dirty unwashed dishes,
Oh what a mess I made I made a mess of myself "